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January 24, 2015

Solitude: Rendezvous between Soul and Body

Call it the irony of life that most people find themselves alone when encircled in a crowd. The more you rise in life lesser gets the number of close friends and accomplice rise. The richness of togetherness losses its charms when there are more formal parties than casual get together. At such cross roads of life there happens to be one friend. That is solitude.

There are times when I do not wish to speak
There are moments I rather keep my ears close.
It’s when the world seems senseless;
Everything about life appears worthless.
What people preach are mere words
Each sentence stings; each note appears a sword.

At that moment, one thing helps
Peep a little inside yourself. 
Find a little privacy 
Where only your soul you should see.

Talk to the spirit that gets you going
Tell her the truth show her your wounds.
She already knows what you share
It’s just that you will feel lighter
Bloom under her care.

It is in solitude that you can observe
If the state of affairs 
Stand with the right or wrong.
Few realize a rendezvous as this
Where the body talks to its soul
To create an eternal bliss.

Solitude teaches some of the most valuable lessons in one's life. #Solitude


  1. Good post. I enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you Susan. Just trying to write well. :)

  2. Beautiful lines. Thoroughly enjoyed :)

    1. Thank you for your nice words. Such lines are ever encouraging.

  3. That was scenic . Beautifully penned down. Solitude is indeed a bliss. Loved those stanzas:)

    1. Thank you Tanya. Hope I have more to meaningful words to serve in future.

  4. So beautiful! Loved the poem. And yes, solitude is a bliss when you learn to discover yourself.

    1. Thank you for appreciating and enjoying the words.
      Solitude for me is a chance to restore normal self . A tough task...

  5. wonderfully expressed... but i felt you have confused solitude with loneliness....

    1. Hi Pratikshya, thank you.
      As for the confusion may be some stanza must have made you think so.
      Well what I talk here is a willingness to be quiet and at peace with oneself which is solitude. It is often self imposed. Whereas,loneliness is more a physical state where no one is around. So neither the mind or the heart are at peace looking for reasons.

      Hope I am on correct lines.


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