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January 29, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug

I am the litterbug. My physical appearance may not justify the bug but my habits match completely. I belong to a super species of bugs. I have a mind to judge the right from the wrong and good from the bad however, I restrict these judgments for my personal agendas.

COURTESY - Times Of India

This is an ode to the great Indian litterbug...

 I am the one who takes pleasure 
Watering all around,
Garnishing the roads with garbage, he owns.

I talk about cleanliness
I Pee outside the loo.
I care not about what you rant
A guy has got to do 
To save his pants.
I see no fence I see no wall
Just can’t ignore the nature when the nature calls.

I am the one who keeps his home clean
I care not if the world becomes a bin.
What happens outside is beyond my bound.
Government is there to for all dirty and foul.

I am too big to pick my wrappers
You are too small to talk on such matters.
You may pick the trash if you want
Call me names, say me taunts.

A little spit here 
A nose blowing there
Earth is a big place why do you fear. 
I add all where it belongs
I too love the nature 
I too care. 

I write on the walls 
To profess my love.
I save for you
Paper and Ink bowls.

All rich and poor 
Fare equal on this scale.
You see no gender bias
There is no pass and fail.
All are accomplice
As the earth turns frail.

No, I need no cheers
I am happy in my group
Excuse me please
As it’s time to perform
For the litter troupe.

This blog post is written for the The Great Indian campaign by The Times of India.

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