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February 19, 2015

Let's Paint The Town Red Honey!

It had been months since they both had spent some quality time together.

Sia complained to Ram how their lives had become monotonous.

Ram shared her thoughts, so by the evening he was ready with a plan to escape the chaotic life and spend one day without kids and family. Just the two of them like before.

So at night after she had put the children to sleep, was about to lie down he bent down on her ears, and whispered, “Tomorrow, let us paint the town red!

She looked at him approvingly and assured him how she loved the surprise. Before things could mature further, their little one pulled her close for a tight embrace. Alarmed that the lad might be awake they went to sleep.

Morning they left for the little adventure trip leaving the children in the care of their granny. The little lad got his approval from granny to play in their room and forbid her to enter as they had some surprise.

After a relaxing and rejuvenating trip when the couple returned they were surprised to see that, the children were not grumpy but elated and vibrant. They sensed something fishy but went with the tea and snacks.

Midway the little lad broke the ice. “Mummy, we have a surprise that you both will like”

“We both have decided to help you so today we started working from our house. Hope you will love it” they said in unison as they took their parents to the room.

Aghast they looked at the room that had crayons, paints, and pencil adorning the walls all in colour red. The narration in the background explained how they too wished to fulfill the desire of their father” let us paint the town red!

Unable to react to the reasoning, Ram and Sia forgot the anger and sat where they stood laughing loudly with tears rolling down hugging the children and each other tightly. As they clung to each other Ram spoke as if making a declaration while the children sat looking at their father approvingly ” next time we shall paint the town red together. “

WRITTEN FOR Wordy Wednesday #5

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