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February 12, 2015

I Think I Never Fell in Love, Just Floated Along...

Do not ask me about love for I do not know what it is. However, I have this feeling every time I am in his company that makes me see things in different light, where even the chaotic crossings of my city cease to exist, the noise turns inaudible, and there is just him and me.

Hello, I guess I do not know traditional kind of love.

How do people know if they are in love? Actually, how do they know if love is the destination or just a beginning of something that no one has felt yet? Love does form the basis of a relationship but there are more emotions needed to hold on that relationship. In case of love, that we share there is a teaspoon of friendship, a pinch of jealousy, loads of trust and heap of care.

We have been together for almost half a decade and have rarely exchanged gifts and cuddly tokens of love. However, we try to be there for each other emotionally physically or as a mental strength whenever required and as situation permits.

Neither do we celebrate days and events as they appear on the calendar year nor are there letters that pledge to our oath of togetherness or feelings. Still, we try to take time out for each other whenever possible to celebrate our togetherness. We gift each other the space to grow as an individual and an unspoken contract of commitment.

We have our own bad days when the understanding level almost touches rock bottom, as a third party it may seem a cold war but then the next moment we start talking. Actually, we may be sulking inside but keep upfront and eventually forget the cold war that existed.

Another thing is that I do not expect anything in return for anything I do, nor does he have any notions of that sort so we fail the love test again. Do not think we can be lovers as we are contrary to every traditional belief about love and dove.

I am no authority on love, but I feel it should be about the two people involved and in an unadulterated form. Coming to you, what is your take on love did you fall in love or have you risen to a magical echelon of your own?


  1. I second your thought Ira... :)

    1. Hi Arpita, Sorry for the late reply.
      Your words vouch there are more of my kind still left! :)

  2. Love is what we do, we do what we want to do and we want it because we love it.
    Rest is just a state of denial.


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