February 5, 2015

Season Love is Back

Love is in the air. It is sparing none this season. From social animals to birds, all are in its grasp.
All my life (well I am touching the third decade); I have seen such emotions and drama in Bollywood movies only. I was in my kitchen preparing the breakfast when something someone caught my attention.

White pigeon eating Royalty Free Stock Image
CREDIT - dreamstime/white-pigeon
Sitting on the pipes of the building across were a lovey dovey couple. The scene had everything that we cannot see hiding behind two uniting flowers. (See Bollywood Ishtyle). One turned left, the other followed suit. The second one turned so did the partner as if dancing to some tune I could not hear. One entered the house through a gap in the window, the other tagged along only to come out instantly as if someone was chasing them.

Fluttering eyes, caressing feathers, neck to neck they took the flight together. I could not help laughing and thinking why they say ‘kabootar ki Jodi’ (pigeon couple).

Pigeon fly Royalty Free Stock Images
CREDIT - dreamstime/pigeon-fly

I guess it was a hint that the season of love is around. Point taken but myself I believe celebrating the year and not just a day. However, February has come and soon we will have everything from hearts to teddies and cards in ‘Red’. By the way, do we still have card as in hard copy? Long time since I bought one.

Technically speaking one should not relate love solely to the couples. I think it relates to any two individuals. However, commercially speaking a couple’s adoration is more viable as, it adds an air of passion, romance to the whole thing. So the merchandise and gifts become more profitable. No girlfriend will scold her boyfriend or vice a verse for gifting something. However, with parents it is slightly different.

Anyways, coming back to my deep in love pigeons, let us see how their love blooms. I know I will not know if swapping has taken place still, a story is a story. I intend to write again if I ever see them again!

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