February 22, 2015

Stranger I Met On the Train

Looking around me, 
felt a chill run down my spine.
A single girl among men;
Who would hear her whine?

A glimpse to my left
I could make out it was a smile.
Seeing him staring blatantly 
My heart gave a cry.

A stranger with a smile
Is a signal too strong?
As he approached me 
I realized something was seriously wrong.

Hello said that boy
I did not reply.
I simply shook my head
I was feeling a little coy.

As he sat next to me 
I cursed my stars.
While anger made me red
I soon realized that other men no longer stared.

His steps followed me
As I got down the train
I increased my pace
My body put up with the strain.

As he dared to meet my dad
Thank you was all that I said.
He returned a smile that explained
His company was pure human care.

Neither had we spoken while on board
Nor did we exchange our numbers.
He just revived my faith in humanity
That lay in slumber.

His face is a dim portrait
As that moment, I was plain scared.
However, for me he is an angel
I don’t think I will meet again.


  1. That;s sweet. Avery lucid presentation.

    1. Thank you for appreciating the attempt. :)


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