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February 10, 2015

Tick this poll – Politicks @ saddi dilli

No wonder, swachhta mission is progressing. The current Delhi poll trends clarify all doubts. The Jhaadoo(broom) is sweeping hither thither. The broom has gained the momentum and given these polls the feel of a twenty twenty match. Does this have anything to do with the world cup? We can have a debate on that today night at prime time.

As for now, the aam aadmi has paid heed to the cleanliness drive and tried to get a complete mandate for a single party. The broom has swept all others. Loyalties and deities have taken a back foot. May be this way the junta has given a tribute to laxman for he was the first creator of aam aadmi.

What policies unfold and where the state will progress is a future debate. However, at this moment the flavor of the season seems to be the jhaadu. So are you ready to take out those mufflers, hold that broom, and take to the street.

One thing is clear the people are tired of hung assemblies and unnecessary use of public money. The people have risen above any party. This election is beyond the victory or defeat of parties. Hope has won this time.

There is a hope of the common person for a change in perspective towards governance and bribe. Let us hope that this anticipation does not turn into a delusion. At the end of the day we as a country need to progress. Delivery of promises shall be the basis of selection and repeat term rather than what used to happen in good old days.

Whatever the result we should feel happy that people have chosen what they want and are ready for the results of their choice. As for the winning party, the public has given them a new life. Now they can relax over the weekend with the world cup commencing. In addition, the neglected spouse will receive a bonus for waiting standing beside the party members this valentine’s day!

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