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February 19, 2015

Top Five Wishes in My Bucket List #BefikarUmarBhar

Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

No matter how meticulously we plan life, it takes it own course and time to reach the destination. Sometimes the plan that we have charted out matches with that of life and the world turns all rosy and pink with love and happiness all around. Then there are times when the path we chose and that meant for us are different and the surroundings turn somewhat gloomy and slow paced.

If given a chance to take the course of life on my own terms without any external hindrances or life, threatening consequences I would like to do the following in no particular order though.

World and Me
Travel around the World visiting unexplored destinations with my spouse. Take a family holiday every few years alternating a domestic trip and an international trip. Collect artifacts from all the places that I visit and have a little museum of my own for friends and family.

Book Shelves Adorning the Reading Room
I desire to own a library of my own with books that I have cherished since childhood and the ones that have found the way into my eyes over the years. I desire a collection of fiction and nonfiction to feed my soul.

Sweet Home king size
Possess a house with a lawn and kitchen garden and make it my home, one that is big enough for my kith and kin so that we celebrate life together and to own a bus so that my entire family goes out together. Yes, that is a bus! As for a cozy, trip a bike or an SUV will suffice.

My time, My space
Take time out to learn a new art or language and finish that course unlike my present situation. Try new cuisines and experiment with cooking (You see fikar aspect is taken care off!), Do pottery (ummm! Love that smell of clay), learn calligraphy.

Catch forty winks
A dear wish of mine is to take an uninterrupted sleep, a luxury that is just a mechanical routine now.  Befikar I wish to go to bed without making plans for the next day in my mind; would love if the natural body alarm wakes me instead of the bedside tick tock (clock).

Hope some magic wand strokes this bucket list to switch the wish content into reality.  Who knows what form the genie will take? He may actually be any person next to us or maybe he is already busy granting the wish #BefikarUmarBhar.

Did I hear someone say “Tathaastu” (So be it!) or are my ears ringing.

Coming out of the dreamland one can be #BefikarUmarBhar only if one plans the life for not only the day, week or month, but also the years ahead. A backup plan for the family in terms of security and funds is inevitable in today’s world. We pave the path for the next generation. A tension free and happy childhood lays the foundation for a happy tomorrow.

Written in response to “Tell us about the top five things on your Bucket List that you would do if you were #BefikarUmarBhar” on Happy hours @ indiblogger

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