March 4, 2015

A Human Body's Revelation - Don't Clown With Me

She saw what the actions and lifestyle was doing to her, so she decided to write a letter describing the inflicted pain and the consequences, but she could not post it!

Dear Human,

That day I cried for help, but she gave a deaf ear to it. Every day I would remind her of the consequences but to no avail.

Though she heard my cries every day, she did nothing to lend me support. She ignored me as long as she could and then one day the inevitable happened as she could barely move her limbs. Her oversight was going to cost her, her life. I could not even rejoice her pain as eventually it meant my death.

Hello, I am the human body the one that gives a physical form to each person on this earth. I tender the souls of the people irrespective of their nature. What do I get in return? Hours and years of abuse due to lack of exercise, imbalanced food consumption, and stress. I deserve better treatment for I let you be what you dream.

During the early years I can stretch myself to the limits and rejuvenate to my previous self however as years pile on my strength to overcome the misdeeds gets slow down. However, for those who have had a soft corner for me since the beginning, I have proved my mettle. They have gradually groomed me so that in later years I lose none of my minerals and nutrients or my agility and be a good part of them.

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This is not a singular case. Although apart from verbal means of communication, people see no other form of thoughts exchanging but I can vouch that the body language of each body conveys its message to its counterpart. Sometimes the appearance of the person deceives the true state of the body. At times, we pity each other for each of us gets exposure to all types of superficial means to glorify us though none sees the hollowness that is building up inside.

I like to see myself as a healthy form in the mirror irrespective of my body size. How I wish to speak up each time someone tries to alter the body according to the fashion that each of us is distinct with a different body type so as long as you are fit and healthy (mind you healthy is not being obese or fat) keep going strong. Do not follow the herd race.

Another aspect I wish to share is that I am more relaxed when dear little mind is at peace. Please convey to all that everyone should try to keep their nerves calm. People should learn to control what they need to imbibe and what they need to put away.

Our stay on earth is in years. A century is a great accomplishment but then a healthy century is rare. As we grow, the senses weaken so start paying attention to your body early. On behalf of all body types, I bless you to stay happy, stay alert, and have sharp senses towards any bodily changes.

Take care,
Your's inseparable
(Human) Body
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  1. I am mesmerized by your style of writing. Beautiful...!

    1. Thank you Sunaina. Words like these boost up my spirits. Learning to write. :)


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