March 16, 2015

Celebrating Life #together

Happily arranged into our marriage we soon realized that we were destined to be together though being the lazy social souls we were, we needed a catalyst to cross that threshold to bounce into each other. Therefore, we required the people who helped the ‘kaaynaat’ to keep us together.

Unlike many other couples of our age, we defied all rules of the newly engaged. Though we resided in the same city we would still not meet every week. No, we did not loathe each other maybe it was plain ignorance to the new whirlpool of emotions that did not made us feel safe within each other’s limits.

So one fine day when he had to leave for our marriage (yes you read it right, as we tied the knot someplace else in the presence of the family) we realized the significance of each other and the meaning of ‘loneliness’. So began our acquaintance with ‘togetherness’.

To add to the movie that our life had to play we left our ‘shadi wala’ place within three days to start our lives. No, we did not end on a cruise, but it was plain official commitment that did not leave us with any more holidays. cover

We started as buddies, got married and continued to be buddies and even after a child the buddy factor seem to have been a constant with the changing equations of our everyday life. Life was quick paced as within three months we shifted to our own home whose possession was an enigma since the courtship days however, by the grace of God we somehow entered our new house. The first day in that house gave an optimistic start to our journey as we started with something that was ‘ours.’

That day in this new house, we began the next chapter of togetherness, a day that etched our journey together. We shared our dreams and fears and exchanged the silence that held us stronger than vows. We decided a look for the house that was ‘us’ unlike the prototypes available in the market. We decided to be the main attractions of the place keeping the rest to bare necessities with a little kitchen woodwork. That night we sat together through the night reading a book; making something together for our room and cooking a dish (forget the taste here!). What may appear childish, paved way for the bond that keeps us together in spite the turbulence and keeps up the hope that together we can cross any hurdle. Every night after a hectic day at office, we would chart out our future with the house and it became a ritual until parenthood knocked our door.

Celebrating life together, we have moved on. We started from the scratch giving each other the space and time to grow and evolve. Though things are quite different now but the essence of being there for each other at the end of the day makes it worth living for.

Life is worth living when you are #Together 

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