March 23, 2015

Digital India - Turning Dreams Into Reality

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A young country in its growing years needs ample resources and inputs for a steady growth with lucrative output. The work that needs to be done is not restricted to the grass root level but several different strata of the society for faster results. Our nation is going through such a phase and progressive outlook is the need of the hour. Beyond the social gaps, the life needs a new foothold that we will achieve only if each of us has a vision beyond the normal and a sight that congregate at some point to lead our country.

One such initiative is digitalizing the country to bring closer the spread of mind power and manpower. The increased connectivity will help provide various facilities to the far stretched places and bring closer the resources and skills hidden from the main stream. Villages will have an increased exposure, the drift toward the cities may eventually slow down as the villages, and small towns have access to the technology.

Apart from the reach to the rural areas, the digitally enabled India also paves way for a transparent portal for the delivery of services and governance. People can stay updated about the works undertaken and the use of their tax money. People can expect a breather from the red tape system and the under the table transactions. Redressal and proceedings to complain will be relatively faster.

Another aspect that shall benefit is the need of new employment opportunities and the access to their availability to far places. The youth shall have the choices at the click of a button and the skill set can match the need on their terms. People will have access to resources and markets promoting new start-ups and innovation. Markets will spread not only nationally but internationally too.

Access to technology will help set up digitally evolved medium and small enterprises synced to the demand and consequent supply of the products or services. This medium will curtail the role of intermediaries as the producers can directly cater to the market thereby cutting the costs and maintaining the quality. Local people benefit from such possibilities as their skills find a wider market.

Digital empowerment will be an advantage, as it would save time, reduce cost, provide a convenient platform, and add to the quality of life. To achieve this government first needs to empower the people with computer literacy, access to Internet and cheaper computers with the help of the existing technology players to widen the reach of digitization. In addition, government needs to formulate procedures to upgrade the regulations in the field of privacy protection, data protection, cyber law, telegraph, e-governance, e-commerce etc.

The country needs participation and contribution from varied fields to help set up governance that takes India forward so does arise the need to tap the potential in this field; promote innovation and research that has a wider spectrum.

The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) has been formulated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) and a step in this ladder is the aim of establishing a #DigitalIndia (courtesy - a link is being created between the government and the people of India.

Written for Intel supports the Digital India Vision
Intel is committed towards our government's vision of a Digital India. Through its ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India.  #DigitalIndia.


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  2. Digital literacy is a very important point to be discussed. Good that you shed light on that point, highly commendable. Although, digital India has lots of potential, it cannot be achieved without proper empowerment. Good easy-to-understand write up Ira.

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