March 22, 2015

Happiness and Me

I believe happiness is the most sought after feeling in the world. There are no defined parameters, which guarantee a uniform flow of this feeling. While for some people, happiness lies in meeting the deadlines and achieving goals there are others who find it when feeding an empty stomach or looking after a stray animal. To each his own sense of contentment, as long as it is not at the cost of someone else’s feelings or life.

Maybe happiness is a state that makes a person view things rationally and in a positive manner. It motivates us to finds solutions in a sea of problems. It is living each day as if it is the finale time. I see happiness not as a state of mind but as the sentiment of the soul. Life is not a science practical that we have to follow exact rules and procedures to reach a conclusion it is a story woven in real time. Happiness changes its meaning as we grow.

While growing up I was an easy child so happiness was a constant companion. Playing with my pup would give me immense pleasure. That smile and pat on the back for some performance just made the day. The ‘pakki’ after a day spent with ‘kachi’ and without talking with a friend would give a pleasure that nothing can match. That surprise hidden under the pillow on birthdays or some occasion would lift up those spirits. Maybe as children, we do not measure happiness with magnitude but the elation it brings at that moment. While growing up friends meant happiness. A call from a friend would make the day and a fight break the day. Teenage meant happiness was in everything that was antagonistic to the thoughts of the parents. Though that span was very short but was a cumbersome period as happiness meant anything, everything, and nothing.

However, at this moment happiness is the coupling of several feelings that have an exalting and escalating effect on life.

Happiness is what I feel when my little one hugs me tight and showers kisses after a hectic day.
Happiness is a surprise cup of tea after an erratic schedule.
Happiness is the smile that I receive after the kid on the road accepts that biscuit.
Happiness is the memories revisited while turning the pages of the photo albums.
Happiness is the pride I see in my parents’ eyes for me.
Happiness is the feeling I have after a good nap.
Happiness is what a call from a friend does to me.
Happiness is what his eyes tell me what I mean to him.
Happiness is eating roadside pani puri with brothers and sisters.
Happiness is the getting drenched in rain as if no one is watching.
Happiness is long drive on the bike along a serene path.
Happiness is dancing together in spite of two left feet.
Happiness is what music does to my soul when all that is left does not feel right.
Happiness is the feeling after reconciling after a long haul of silence.
Happiness is in that grasp of hand that says ‘I am there’.

Oh! So many things make me happy however; I guess happiness is living the day healthy, somewhat wealthy, and a bit wise. To be happy there is no potion expect to enjoy the moment and live the phases of life.

written for Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness (


  1. Very beautifully written!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful comments!

    1. Hey Rohni thank you for stopping by.


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