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March 10, 2015

Point Blank

Sometimes I wish that the senses should go blank for a few seconds. People should just observe the flow around them, imbibing the essence of life, reading people, and relaxing the mind.

No, I am not suffering from loneliness or depression it is just that I do not wish not to be a part of the speculating or judging games. For me speculation is an unknown mind error that creeps into human soul without signs of existence. Speculations develop over time; may bear good results, but over indulgence makes even the simplest road appear a maze. The other worst trait a human can develop is being judgmental. While we are judging people, we are grading them, but as each person is as different as chalk and cheese so how can we judge on common parameters. These traits may satisfy our ego but if you look deep into their existence, they point towards a conflict with the self.

Therefore, once a while to shipshape the thoughts with the soul, I wish to reset the body and soul to make sense out of everything in the simplest of forms.

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