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March 2, 2015

Satiates an Empty Belly and Heart - Dream Roti

I care not about the shape of the roti as long as the person serves with love and without notorious intentions. I myself make round rotis but then I do not mind if someone keeps, a non-round roti on my platter if my tummy is starved.

Here is one roti I thoroughly enjoyed. The shape that is coming up is beyond recognition but then my three-year-old tries making it for his mamma as mamma must be hungry after feeding the family.

It is human nature to crib about the other person to demean them. Ha haa haaa! This is my response to such social culprits who make it tough for the person cooking for them. Who would not want to make their dish presentable? Some learn this art early some late however, when people use the lack of practice of roti making as a weapon against the cook the person serving it gets put off this roti cooking  and no longer takes interest to learn it. It is reduced to task that they hate.

A roti by any chance is not the mirror to what a person is? Will people not eat the non-round rotis if they are hungry without alternative? Naah! Paapi paet ka jo sawaal hai. Therefore, I say again if someone is not intentionally serving non round-rotis, shape does not matter.

Waise, Indians in general have some problem with ‘wheat’. Don’t they even fret over wheat complexion? “Dayaa, iss wheat mein kucch to gadbad hai?”


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  1. Love is shapeless and what this little master has conjured is not a shape bound bread but pure evil dose of love. Highly contagious.

    Hope to have some of that.


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