March 25, 2015

The Case Of Curious Granny

I know you can sense that air of secrecy as I see mystified written all over you.
However, my lips stay sealed regarding the celebrations on your hundredth birthday.
The special gift is your friends you have longed to meet for long.


  1. I don't know if it was your intent but I'm reading something sinister into this story! I enjoyed it... :)

    1. Hi Sanch, thanks for enjoying the post.
      Well, as for my intentions, I guess I am missing something as I wrote a surprise birthday piece. Maybe the words echo a different wavelength.

  2. I agree with Sanch - I like the piece, but there is something sinister lurking beneath those words :)

    1. You bet two comments in a row pointing towards the same direction are scaring me. I never wrote it that way just wanted the 'granny' to enjoy the party with her friends and family.

      Will surely check for double meanings while submitting the next post. Maybe I will take another shot with the same post ending it differently. Anyways, thank you Sid for stopping by and liking the post. :)

  3. This has such a gentle, loving tone. I love that word "mystified"--it gives me a visual of Granny.

    1. Hi Jennifer, Ahh! you made my day. Glad you liked the post and yes, when I wrote 'mystified' I actually had my granny in mind and the expressions on her face.
      Thank you for stopping by.


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