March 9, 2015

The Unsent Letters


Anu, Mira, Maddie and Adi shared a life of love and bonding. There were each other’s families while they stayed away from home. As time progressed, Mira and Adi realized a mutual change of feelings towards each other. Though none said a word about it, still it was an open secret. The girls giggled about it and the guys speculated over it together.

The plan to solemnize the love into deeper meaning was the ideal step. She knew the fruit of love had ripened and any day the formal proposal would knock her door. The friends who were their trusted path would help them through.

This was their final year and in a few weeks, they were going to tread their respective paths. Nostalgia, hopes for the future and promises marked the start and end of their day. Before the love story could, start destiny played its card. Adi made an emergency exit. The gang had come to drop him off. All were sad but what he saw in Mira’s eyes made him feel special and light. He made up his mind to profess love to the Mira once he reached home.

That day Adi had sent the pink perfumed proposal for Mira. While he waited for her reply days transformed to months and months to years as he waited for her.

She too had felt a special sensation as he held her hand to bid his final bye. She knew he would write to her. As she waited for his letter, she had memorized the reply to his proposal but she just found herself turning the months of the calendar.

Meanwhile the communication between the four lapsed, as they got busy with placements and life. Once a while they chatted or were texting each other but no one picked up the topic. Adi thought Mira had politely declined the request and he respected her for that while she thought her feelings were just infatuation and in reality, nothing ever happened.

Somewhere down the years the paths crossed and the friends married; a sort of cross connection. Adi and Mira deduced their explanations for the letter unaware that the letters lay unsent. Mira received no letter and Adi received no reply due to the scheme of their respective spouse Maddie and Anu. 

When the group ceased to exist nobody knows, but the work on the challenge began the day Maddie and Anu saw the eyes of their friends at railway station. The gaze that Adi and Mira shared could melt hearts but the hearts of their pals could not bear it so they became partners in crime to marry the ones they loved!

Written for Indispire #UnsentLetters.


  1. tragic and how... very well scripted... I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Hey Archana, Glad that you liked the post. Thanks for stopping by.


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