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March 5, 2015

Vital Five for Women

CREDIT - care first

When I saw this word prompt ‘essential’, I thought about retracing back my steps. I coaxed myself to try next week’s BAR prompt. To be true I was blank unable to find the masala for this word prompt. Sad I left my desk wrote another post and went for lunch.

Whoa! The organic molecules worked wonders by activating my brain cells. By the time I was through with the exercise (eating), I had a vague idea about my post. You see we women may appear to proceed further but at the back of the mind, the challenge lingers on.

What is essential to me? The actual meaning is available in dictionaries, but the way I perceive it is something whose essence in life is irreplaceable and replicable. It is like absorbing something deep inside than superficial smear.

If you like, the following five essential stats you may attribute it to the lunch I had.
  • I strongly believe we need to empower women with right to education and self-reliance. The reason I think it as essential is because women raise a family and a progressive lady certainly is the first step towards a progressive society.
  • Access to nutritional food and hygienic conditions is essential for someone who never shies away from multitasking. A healthy happy soul from childhood until her death unless, God forbids some other calamities beyond repair happens.
  • A space for her is something all women cherish. Space is not the literal ‘area’ but an environment where she has time for herself. A time she spends with her thoughts, hobbies, and focuses on her journey is essential. When she grows, she automatically nurtures the connected people.
  • All women should develop an essential part of loving themselves bearing in mind not to compare it with vanity kind of love or selfish ardor.
  • Lastly, an essential part of the women that often takes a backseat is her lingerie. Really, any good health magazine would tell how important it is for the general health of women. No matter how good your dress is if the inner wear is not the correct one it retrogrades the dressing up and the general facet of a person.
If I did, justice to the prompt or not I am unaware, but in the course of writing this post, I gained an insight that I was unaware of in normal state of mind.

This Week: Word Prompt (ESSENTIAL) comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Roshan Radhakrishnan.

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