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April 2, 2015

Take That Plunge Climb Up New Heights

Barren land
Where life stands no chance
Hungry souls
Clinging to hopes 
Hopes seem endlessly tall.

There comes the hero
With a grace so grand
Relaxes the soul
Barren turns into fertile land.
People realize 
He bought nothing new
All was present there 
 Everything was present except his kind of view.

Situations may appear tough
A step may appear a cliff
Alter your thoughts
Change your perspective
Keep your calm
Achieve his charm.

Barren land shall no longer exist
Keep your soul happy
Change you should not resist.
Enrich yourself 
Live the life
Take that plunge climb up new heights!


  1. Very "uplifting" poem this morning, reminding us to embrace change.

    1. So glad you liked this post. I strongly believe that rigidity leads to stagnancy.


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