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April 10, 2015

To Google Or Not To Google - Is That The Question?

Life without being Google(ish)
Translates to a life so sluggish
Here everything owns a stand
It’s magic without a wand!
It is one stop dictionary
It solves half the mysteries
Sidelining the paper 
It has a wide audience to cater.
I am addicted to it
I shall confess
However, it is not my life’s thread.
I still own a few dictionaries
I still have my own directory
I still possess few personalized pages
I still own my album and images.

Where Google has brought us closer
It has lifted the cloth over the shoulders
The info is available in one stride
Whether the info you share or hide.

I love being Google (ish)
To an extent
I try to break even 
Visit other sites too
 Have to verify contents.

Google I feel is the ‘Surf’ of common man
No matter what detergent they muse 
‘Surf’ is the term they will use.
As for now, Google leads its clan.

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  1. Beautiful written... As for me, Google has become sort of bail-out package.

    1. Thank you for your words. There is a whole fraction of population living on that package!

  2. What ever happened to dictionaries and encyclopedias. I remember when people used to make a living selling thee.

    1. I still like to go through the dictionaries once a while though everything is at "press of a button' away. I am even trying to aquaint my kid with the old ways. As for making a living out of selling the books I guess they do not publish so many volumes now. As it is the desktop versions have taken over the hard copies with a bang!

  3. Truly said Ira. It has revolutionized the net and is rulng it as well :)

    1. Jai to Google baba!

      Thanks for stopping by Saurabh.


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