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May 22, 2015

Rough, Rosy, Rare Life

No undo button can give memories
Those are a treasure for the heart
Rare memento or scar from past
Gave life its unique cast
No matter how scary the nights felt
Darkness taught to enjoy rays of light
Lonely for a while
Or enveloped by the crowd
Each phase offered reasons
To feel proud.

Written for the Indispire Edition 66 on Indiblogger.


  1. Each phase offered reasons to feel so glad you didn't make this into a gloomy verse. Nice read. Thanks!

    1. It is a pleasure to have the work appreciated. Thank You, for stopping by!

  2. Nice flowing verses!

  3. Such a beautiful poem. Loved the thoughts.

    1. Ohh! thanks Nima. This is the charm of internet it echoes our thoughts without our knowledge. Glad that you liked the poem!


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