June 16, 2015

A Call For End

image by Sarolta Ban 
Something sinister in that phone ring
It did not sound the same
A short message 
End of the Game.

The game called life
We vowed to stay together
Together we wished to sink
Ditched sitting on the floor
Life I know no more.

I want to know more
How he drowned to oblivion
While I was still ashore
Those words that told me the end
Took away the love on which I depend.

Here I am a young leaf 
Just out of seed
I lose my caretaker
Sole provider to the wild me
Taking care of my need.

Without you my end is near too
Life crashed at the start
Snatched us apart
Not knowing that we still are together 
In your pencil drawings.

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  1. Sad and haunting.

    1. All I can say is the photo prompt takes the credit.

  2. I agree with Val. Poignant and touching. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome Mary. Glad you liked it. Thank You.

  3. I loved the intensity of this verse, from the very beginning it held me in it's grip. Great writing! Thank you for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday, today!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. The pleasure is all mine. In addition, the credit is shared with the prompts too. ;)

  4. I read this several times and each time I felt/found something different. Very interesting.

    1. I guess it is my day today. Thank you for liking the post. Ii indeed motivates to write better.

  5. Dripping with pain and loss .....

    1. Yes it sort of took that course by the end. Maybe the photo has that effect!

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  7. Pain is the natural instinct for warning. But the mere fact that you feel it is proof that you are alive.
    Now, it is boon or bane is a matter of individual's perspective.

    In 'complete' life

    I once heard that the love is binding, then why have us been scattered apart,

    Is it to make an end here and to make a new start.

    I do not want you to fall back to me, as I have already fallen for you

    So can I wear all my feathers, to reach you and be together.

    With the wind blowing hot and sun is moving west,

    Looking upward where you have risen to, I am still waiting your behest.


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