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June 30, 2015

Dancing to the Tunes of Life #BackgroundScoreOfMyLife

Songs are an integral part of me since childhood. From M S Subhalxmi to Geeta Dutt and from Mohammad Rafi to K L Sehgal our mornings started with some cassette-playing while we dressed for school. Unaware of the gems we were listening to we could not associate to them and it was difficult to understand why grandparents loved it so much. Even my parents found some association with it. However, things gradually changed and our inclination towards music in general increased.

During the tenth class, exam preparation things took turn, as music became the sole companion through the day. I have had the pleasure to listen to the cassettes, discs, a short fling with the walkman, then a round with the Discman, then coming of age with the apple i-pods and now even the phone serves the purpose of a player.

As I dance to the tunes of life three songs surface at this instant that can qualify as the #BackgroundScoreOfMyLife. There may me many more however, these just popped up instantaneously.

Life thinks I am no more than a female jhumroo. The eternal kishore kumar song is just what I feel about “life” or maybe it is life’s perception about me.

Jhumroo Song ( video courtesy)

Being an optimist that I am I am never tired of life and make sure I do my little bits not letting it get tired of me. I am a teetotaler and a passive smoker (that too is not my choice either but am dragged into other people’s choices) so the ‘dhuan’ (smoke) is not literal in my case.

Main zindagi ka saath  ( video courtesy)

As I am traversing the cliffs and valleys in this journey of life in quest of the unknown and unseen the following song accompanies me.

Thandi hawa ye chandni  ( video courtesy)

I am in Love with my present (life) that has had a pleasant past and probably will work towards a wonderful future.

This post is inspired by the Indiblogger Indispire Edition 72


  1. Such a heart warming soul dancing post!!

    1. Thank you. Glad to hear that it clicked with you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for liking the post. As they say 'old is gold'. :)

  3. Music is a wonderful companion for so many activities and events. And it certainly is interesting how music technology in terms of listening has evolved over time. I remember the cassettes and there were even something else which was even more 'foreign' in a way (can't recall the name right now!). And music is also wonderful to dance to (and sing to) as well! ;) <3

    1. Music indeed is a wonderful companion. I have different genres that accompany me in my varying moods. As for the dancing part I prefer to be my own audience or at most dance with my kid! ;)
      Do tell me when you recall the name, maybe something I too have forgotten.
      Thanks for stopping by Elly. :)

  4. Such a bright post. :)

    1. Thank you for the words. It is a compliment coming from 'Tipsy from the TRIP'. My pleasure.


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