June 15, 2015

God and Me? #MondayMusings

A website edition this week wanted us to ask questions to the almighty. Well, I stayed blank throughout these seven days. It is not that I do not have anything to ask but a simple inability to put the thoughts into words.
Alternatively, maybe it is something else. Who is God? Should I question him? Is a he a mentor or a friend? Each one will have a distinct opinion on the same. My conclusion is that the omnipresent power or energy that is never lost but transits form one state to other is the almighty. I am no religious order so this definition shall be the way I see God.

I strongly believe that the power that governs the life knows best however, that does not mean that the humans sit idle and wait for the deity to do their work. I believe no religious text will support it. The human beings need to put in effort as much as possible to get results the rest that is invisible , not under  the human control is only looked after by whom so ever you hold high.

courtesy - sharefaith
The Homo sapiens may have the sharpest of brains but one thing that they need to work upon is concentration. God or praying helps attain that to advance further. As such, we take no one above us so paying heed to his or her thoughts does not arise. The more chaotic the live becomes it becomes more important to relax and give the brain its idle time. This is where meditation comes. No one will sit still without fidgeting with the phone, laptop, or any other gadget except during praying or meditation. Therefore, the God plays an important role.

Peace of mind is the foremost thing that one needs for a better survival. I know it is tough to achieve and easy to write about. Majority of the misdeeds are a result of lack of inner peace. Inner peace is not synonymous to the lethargic or ‘will see later’ attitude it is about accepting the ways events unfold and react accordingly to achieve what we want. Inner peace is the contentment achieved over smaller steps that prepare us for the ultimate leap. Reading, listening music, any activity that elevates the spirit works best.  This what temples used to offer to the people visiting it. However observing the temples thronged with people who bribe to see the God I do not think the peace factor is any longer associated with the holy places. The sole purpose is to get over whatever guilt people have and find a mental support before moving forward.

courtesy - soulicious
 May be I don’t want to ask question to God as I fear that I have no answers for the questions regarding life, attitude, manhandling of the resources, double standards about women (the human and the Goddess) knowing somewhere in my heart that he would have made all of us equal to the best of his capability. On the other hand, we have not been able to keep up with it.


  1. You came to an interesting conclusion! I've never thought of Him questioning us back. :)

    1. Frankly speaking, it never occurred to me either before this post. Some thoughts just intrigue the mind with several possibilities and may be this is one of them.

  2. Very valid point - that prayer helps with concentration. It also makes sure we live in the present moment - and that's the surest way to happiness.

    1. So true, the main key to happiness is no doubt living in the present, enjoying its moments and defining a tomorrow.

  3. That's an interesting question. I too don't know, but may be there is some belief, there is someone to guide.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Everyone has his or her own way to relate to God. As long as it can calm the senses and relax the soul. Probably someone who looks after us once we cannot look into ourselves.


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