June 2, 2015

It was too late now...

“It never occurred to me that she was no longer a part of me.

Treading the path towards the goals, I never realized when she went missing. Now that I have time, the bubbly, effervescent, smiling self is lost forever, present only in the memories that have surfaced in my heart.” She said recollecting herself.

Linked to Indispire Edition 67 


  1. Things change for us over time, right? I try to keep my happy self going, but sometimes those old aches and pains of growing older get the best of me. I'm keeping on!

  2. Life is a bit of salty, sweet, tangy and that is what makes it worth living. As they say 'change is the only thing constant'. As for you dear friend ''Stay motivated and keep motivating'' :)
    Keep going Great.


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