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June 4, 2015

Percentage - what is that?

Kittu my Kitty heard the news yesterday that bengaluru girls are facing discrimination for outperforming boys in their high school exams. The authorities feel that the guys will be intimidated by the majority women population in junior college, as they will be occupying more seats due to their higher grades and higher pass percentage.

My meow being the female she is, felt that this proves two things. Foremost a few women or girls in college do not feel unsafe but the men need protection. Secondly, scoring higher percentage is a sin for the female gender.  This is something similar to the denial to enter temples during “unn Dino” (hahahaha).

Here is the news piece.

It will not be far when the guys would seek reservations where ever women are in competition. Maybe this is the reason why few men take to brawl instead of using the brain. Instead, to uplifting the standards  we are pulling the other side down. Did I hear something “Bachao, Padhao….) well, these are certainly antagonistic to those theories.

She was sad the whole time maybe wondering what got into those people to think so low. The thought is an innovation in itself.  Maybe some professor or lecturer from the institution may find himself in queue for some award or felicitation. Parents must be confused with such a decision unless they share the same frequency.  Meow tells me she has an aunt whose has twins a daughter and a son so the family is confused if they should celebrate for the young lad or support the bewildered academically brilliant daughter!

I tell her to wait as every once a while we have some unusual scoop for the television viewers so in all probability  the effect will not last long and both the genders shall have an open platform with equal mileage to compete.

Fingers Crossed!


  1. Very interesting story!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Linda. Pity that it is true.


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