June 3, 2015

Two Minutes Controversy - Junta, Media, Order Order

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My meow kittu was sad as her two minuyes recipe is in the middle of a cotroversy. Two minutes proved fatal when the same tried to play with the lives of the people. There is generally a food quality check before the food is packed and dispatched to the vendors or sellers. So how, why, and when pop out as an important question.

For a country obsessed with the '2 minutes' ignorance can prove fatal to the people as majority of consumption is by the younger generation. If you have seen hostel life, you must be aware that majority literally survive on the wriggly stuff.

Now what led to the surprise check for more than relevant amount of lead is unknown but whoever went ahead with this first needs applause for the take.  'Lead up resulted in being Lead down'. By the way, while growing up, as it is the two-minute surprise stayed away from our house (patental instincts banned it) so my poor mother would have to toil around 15 to 20 minutes to prepare the alternative for her kids. She would prepare the ‘Vermicelli’ noodle style with all Indian vegetables and masala or ‘Vermicelli upma’.

Though our tongue was aware about the addictive masala of the Maida (refined wheat flour), still we restricted it to a visit to some relatives place where these ‘Maida string’ pulled the strings in the kitchen. Do not get me wrong but the crown rests on the masala that people savor and a proof for this is the masala that available in sachets for the veggies and broth. ' Kittu tells me she too fell for that aroma once but then got hold of herself. I know people who would lick the sachet after its dissection or take a pinch of masala before adding it to the Maida counterpart and have pleasure written on their face.

The latest from the anti two minutes campaign is the states and independent agencies doing the surprise check for random lots. (Better, late than never; I say) What will be the outcome between this tussle is a mystery. Maybe the general junta will forget the ingredient part once the shelf life of the news expires.

This was a random product where the adversities surfaced whereas there are so many products we may be unaware. The best way is to shed away the loyalty to brands and offers. Stay aware and updated about the food standards, the alternatives that companies use (numbers used to depict chemical alternatives like the E -numbers).

No one is culprit until we confirm one guilty however, it is better to take precautions than be sorry later. It may be tough for the punctual us with their sharp sense of time to leave something that takes two minutes to cook however considering that medicines cost more no one should mind.

So better spend two minutes checking the ingredients at the back side of the pack and check with Google baba than be sorry later. What about the 'Aam Junta', well, awareness is the key.

Take your two minutes, think over the issue and stay at guard in future.

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