July 6, 2015

Before It is Too Late #MondayMusings

Lately I have seen what the body does to you when you ignore its signs (read cry) for help. I had a relapse of flu within a fortnight but unlike earlier years, my strength gave in this time. It is in times like this that you realize that paying heed to the advice given by your mom may have benefited now.

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 Women especially need to take care as the calcium and other micro nutrients tend to be on the lower sides as the calendar changes however while in momentum we forget that servicing is an important aspect of keeping this machine in good shape.

I may not know you personally but feel each of us should take care while there is still some energy left to bring about the changes in our lifestyle and thoughts. Fitness is not the toning of muscles alone but the mental and emotional strength too.


  1. True...we do need to take care of our health...be mindful of the signs..It's imperative...And yes women tend to neglect their health a lot and sometimes we decipher issues when it's too late

    Change & Life : Companions Forever

    1. We are too engrossed to make life simpler for the loved ones that we forget ourselves ... not realizing that we can be of help only if we stay healthy..

  2. So important and true i need to take calcium because the older i get the more support my bones need

    1. Yes! irony is that the body cannot hold or absorb calcium at the rate it is required after a certain age... However,signs show late and by then it is tooo late...


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