July 23, 2015

Host Me A Dinner

I simply love dinner parties.  It is a time to socialize,  let loose yourself , free your mind of daily hassles. However best dinner parties are where you are either a host or a guest. One may ask what is left then. Let me rephrase  it. Who is left then?

The 'leftovers' types (If I take the liberty of using this phrase) are somewhat in between the two. They are the ones sent for a toss.

One such example would be a  party thrown by a close radar human. All dressed  and ready for the evening you made a vibrant entry. A few snacks and the trouble  starts.  It is not actually a trouble but then mind was  so convinced  for a relaxing  period that even little work looked taxing. Halfway through your body and mind start getting distracted. The darling that you are at these moments; you are left me in charge of meals and drinks. 

If it is a mutual get together you are ready for a little stir here and a little  pour there but an invite for a formal  party changes the equation. However, on my part I prefer that guests who come to my place or event do not have to toil themselves. I make it a point that enough  help is there to help the people that have come.

A party even if it is held at home should leave the guests with cherished  moments. It should be engaging but not to the levels of getting  to the  nerves  of the  people. 

There is no bigger pleasure than being served  hot food or tea at the end of a hectic work schedule. As for the people  who are tossed at the party  are the ones that are invited  as guests  but end up substituting  hosts at all vacant  positions of host chores. All goes in vain when the crowd is busy chatting and you are supervising a snack service or a drink service.  You are doing all or major chores of the host but the party album has not a single  good shot of the lovely dress you wore or the new lipstick  shade that  had adorned your lips. The few clicks you see were better buried than being part of the album.

To add salt to your burns every group on chat, every few clicks on social networking site are about the party that left you in a lurch.  You are praised  by one or two for what you did keeping your sores wet forever. No one sees the agony of your soul that had accompanied your  body to that invite. You are then left to think  of your status that was neither a host  nor  the guest.

An off the trail event cannot wither the soul. Personally I prefer a group of close people eating together,  chatting  away till wee hours, a little help here, a little argument there over a party with some known and some unknown faces still attend most invitations that come my way.

Love or social obligation or both got to attend one this over the weekend too. 

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