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July 10, 2015

Let’s Talk About Healthy Balanced Diet, Honey!

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Aren’t we all deep into being healthy? Aren’t we scrutinizing literature and sites for that special trick to do away with that flabby look or those love handles? Weren’t we deciding upon a new diet that seems to be trending to get a toned down look? So, should we opt for a crash diet or go on a diet regime with some exercise? 
With all the confusion, the body consoles the mind that better start next time than fret over the right and wrong about the way of losing weight. Well, being healthy is not about a particular body size, a chiseled jaw line, or a waist to die for; it is concerned about a healthy body with a wholesome mind and a healthy soul that accompanies it all irrespective of body type.

Each of us has an opinion. Here I put some facets about the strict dieting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Pick the choice you feel is correct. I know we shall share the same option. 

 Crash diet is an option where we drastically cutting down the food intake to lose weight. It may show faster results but the body is not losing the main culprit (unhealthy flab) instead there is loss of water initially and later the nutrients too start depleting.
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  •  It is an unsafe practice and can lead to eating disorders and electrolyte imbalance.
  • The fat is not reduced or burned instead the muscles are wasted.
  • Due to nutritional imbalance, it can lead to low bone density and other bone related problems in women.
  • Another aspect is that in the long run it leads to hair loss, sagging skin, and hormonal disturbance leading to dwindling natural growth.
As is evident starving the body is an unhealthy way of losing weight and in addition not a long term solution to the concerned problem .

The best way to stay fit is to imbibe a regime of balanced diet with few hours dedicated to exercise. This maintains the nutritional intake and cuts on the extra calories that add to the fat.

A balanced diet constitutes small portions of all macro and micro nutrients that help perform the internal as well as external functions of the body apart from maintain the natural immune system.  
  •  It mainly consists of food rich in fiber apart from the nutrient value that provides a laxative property when taken in moderate amounts daily. Thus, the skin and the body are cleansed naturally and the aging is prolonged.
  • Not many of us are aware but pseudo hunger pangs are often a result of thirst. Not understanding the requirement of fluid or water, we take to binging. In case we feel hungry at some odd time first run for a glass or two of water and possibly the hunger will vanish too. In addition, water is a cleansing agent too. Hydrated body seldom is less prone to dryness and dark patches.
  •  However, we need to keep in mind that fluids too can add to the calories. Aerated drinks, fruit juices, squash etc. So preferably, eat seasonal fruits than pick a glass of juice.
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  • If we maintain a balanced healthy life with natural products forming a part of daily routine we will automatically stay away from the over the counter supplements. The small doses of micronutrients will easily replenish with a balanced serving taken daily.
  • Several diseases will keep in check with a balanced diet. Foods such as citrus fruits, bananas, and potatoes help maintain the potassium levels.
  • Neem leaves, honey, ginger, and a variety of other vegetables have proved their mettle as medicines.
Nothing works better for the body than a healthy lifestyle consisting exercise regime for the body and the soul along with a balanced diet. So let us all pledge to take care of ourselves such that we reduce expenses on medicines and hospitals but stay capable of living a healthy and happy life.

A balanced diet not only bestows upon us a firm physical appearance it also, improves the system internally leading to a healthy mind and vibrant soul.

One such diet that I came across is the Honey diet . This diet includes honey in conjunction with the other foods that we eat. The benefit of this diet lies in the uses of honey together with the properties of other foods.
Dabur Honey Weight Loss
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  • This sweet nectar can act as a substitute for sugar. Sweeter than sugar it has less effect on the overall body weight as it is mainly fructose that we digest easily.
  • The golden fluid also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thus can aid in minor burns, wounds and during cold or cough (Honey with ginger or cinnamon).
  • For the ones who wish to lose weight honey in warm water (plain or with lime) helps in weight management.
  • Daily dose of honey also helps aid digestion, elimination of free radicals and reduce oxidation stress resulting in a glowing, smooth skin.
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  1. I have decided that if I eat fruits and vegetables and minimal meats, walk every day, and eat less portions, I'm not going to gain any weight and will keep my heart pumping. I've tried all those fad diets, and am blessed to not be proned to overweight. Have a healthy Friday and weekend!

  2. Your are among the lucky people who don't tend to put on weight. Also, your routine is quite a healthy one.
    Keep inspiring, I am all ears. :)
    Stay blessed and fit always.

  3. Walking, yoga, meditation, being mindful of your food are the best way to remain thin. I love honey and used to add it to my black darjeeling tea till I was told that Ayurveda believes that honey when heated becomes toxic. So sad. Wish I'd never heard that because i don't really know how true it is.

  4. Well, that is news to me. Will surely try and read more on it. Maybe, it is direct heating or putting it in boiling fluids that may be causing... warm ...I do not know. Thanks for bringing it to the notice. :)
    Also, I second your opinion that it does add to the confusion...

  5. I love honey as it is... :) Please visit my facebook page "Astonishing India"

  6. I have been planning to go on a walk daily with no success.


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