July 10, 2015

What, Eyes Don't See #CinderellaStory

Every girl is a princess, in her own sense; so to be her prince, a boy needs to have that perfect pair of heart and mind that appreciates her individuality and essence. Even if Cinderella was ugly, yet virtuous, kind and courageous while her stepsisters were pretty the prince would chose her if he were her true soul mate.

I am pretty, that's for sure.
You may not agree, but I know.

courtesy - disney.wikia.com
Ask my mother what she feels
She will tell you I am her Queen.
Ask my father, what he has to say.
He'll make it clear
Seeing my face keeps his problems away.

Beauty is not the face alone
It is what lies within.
What you see today
Tomorrow it may be gone
Listen to your soul
There is always a Yang
Accompanying the Yin.

Marriages are made in heaven 
I am not that sure.
Else, why would it end? 
As hell or a sore.
Marriages happen 
When 'I' and 'you' make me.
So, do not fall in trap of beauty 
Appearances should not make you choosy

courtesy - daekazu.deviantart
Life is lived with a spouse.
Selecting a partner
Through a single parameter;
 Leaves a lot for doubt

If you think otherwise,
Please move on.
I need a man with a vision
Not mere eyes;
To see what lies within
When, the mask falls aside.

courtesy - graphicsheat.com
I am no trophy 
That you have to win,
Being what I am is not a sin.
I am pretty I do know; 
Your eyes betray you that is for sure.

Tomorrow will bring me close
To someone beautiful within;
All I care for is a happy living.
I am pretty I do know;
You cannot see it
That is your problem for sure.
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  1. I'm good n i know it...so good :)

    1. That is true, Isn't it? Shallow hearts cannot measure our worth...
      Thanks for liking the post Akrati.

  2. Anonymous16:02

    Very nicely written.


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