August 21, 2015

You See it's Time to Switch to 4G

The other day we planned a party for one of our dear friends. We planned everything from the cake, card, gifts, and the place we were to meet. A perfect plan except that we did not book a place and as it was a ‘Friday’ people literally flooded every restaurant.

Undeterred by the negative start the not so young brains coupled and found a solution. One of us picked the phone and called up a few places on the highway and within half an hour had the tables booked for the tribe. Yes, we are a tribe as we are as distinct from the general lot as the fingers on a hand. Just then, the youngest of our group (the birthday girl) entered zipping through on her scooty and as we began to boast about our impromptu plan, something in the smile told us another story.

“Oh! You should have tried the ‘XYZ’ app and the deal could, in fact, be sorted in a few minutes and with discount, especially with my super fast network connection” she declared.

Looking at the lovely lady, we laughed sheepishly at our ignorance and started to move on toward the destination.  Everybody had their navigation app open for the directions but as the net speed was slow and the signal weak we decided to take a halt at some place with strong signal strength so that one of us would get the directions from her husband.

Enter the Birthday girl inquisitive as to why the ladies had stopped at nowhere. Hearing about the cruelty of the network, she had a hearty laugh and imitating a queen making a decree she stated “Gone are the times to call your ‘aye ji, o ji’ for help, it’s time to switch to 4G."

One of us took over the reins of her scooty as she took to the steering wheel with her Airtel 4G  connection to navigate us through.

We had a blast! The party that concluded with lots of fun, laughter and a bunch of memories happened to introduce us with a new friend on our phones – Airtel 4G.

 Airtel 4G 4U The next day each of us received a thank you mail from the scooty girl with an attachment and  that told everything about the new entrant in our group -  Airtel 4G.

Apart from the fact that it has a nationwide roll out across 296 cities and the availability of 4G at 3G prices what caught my attention was that getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G @airtelindia   and has Free home delivery of 4G SIM.

In addition, it is available for the home network (Experience lightning fast 4G speeds on all your devices at home.), while on the go (Now enjoy lightning fast internet speeds on the go with Airtel 4G dongles.) or the mobile as we happened to meet!

So without wasting time follow the link

This promotional post is written for the Airtel 4G experience. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or the situation created is purely coincidental.

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