September 4, 2015

Breaking News - Back in Two Minutes

Breaking News
They lost her
Probably lost forever
Last time they saw her
It was during her evening walk
Around that corner

Yes, the little soul
Out on a stroll
Must have lost the way
While she play
With her counterpart

Mamma is crying 
Leaving her little girl worried
As the little doggie is missing
From their house
Big house with a lawn
That too, two storey

She was too small 
To be their guard
But, she gave them status
Made them 
The neighborhood star.


Coming in live
Just through us
They saw her with a man
who had a dog 
Catching a bus.

Our underground reporter
Who stood there as a porter
Says she was cool
Walking with her mate
As if, they knew each other since school

So is it
That she was angry 
With her mamma
Or was she left alone
As she was snatching the limelight
From mamma
Being a bigger stunner

Stay tuned to know more
We are number one
Check our score
Social or otherwise
Each animal is a muse
Ready to be 
Breaking news!

Written for #indispire81


  1. Not quite sure where you were going with this little ditty. All news on FOX is "breaking news" then there is a commercial break.

    1. You are on the right track, Linda. Everything on the news channel is 'breaking News' so this spoof and they may be right in the sense that it almost breaks our nerves.

  2. A touching little storey Ira! Thanks!
    Wil, ABCW Team

    1. Thanks Wil for liking it!

  3. Well said with these lovely cute lines :)

    1. Thank you Indrani.


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