September 14, 2015

Connection Strengthened by the Sky

What do I have to do if the match is fixed? I am rarely interested in the men in shiny uniforms who are chasing runs and picking wickets. However, this time it was different as some crucial match (I realized that as it the hot topic while he was on Whatsapp or phone or reading paper) happened to fall on the day we were to celebrate our Anniversary. As it is a common belief that men are poor with days and occasions it makes me wonder how they remember the who’s who of wicket takers and the runs made by other players. Coming back to my story, well I was dead sure that I was not letting any match ruin my day so I would let him watch his match! This would be my gift to him (An uninterrupted match session without the wife bickering in the background).

I knew this was going to be a perfect plan. A surprise, which unlike other surprises in the past would not go unnoticed and would have a longer heart life (as in shelf life) and I would Get to spend a lovely evening with him ;). God would not betray me this time I knew. However, as many of my married friends would vouch moments like this are under ill spells (JINXED!) as he told me one evening that on the day of his MATCH some urgent work with clients would ruin the day he planned (read, still no mention of anniversary).

No nothing shall ruin this day was my yearning and I badly needed a backup plan to fall back on. There were still few days left and I was keen to find a way out when the idiot box came to my rescue as an advertisement guided me through.
Mr. A left gloomily to the office that day promising a day dedicated to us and a dinner at night. A good Idea, but then anniversary day is naturally different and charming! Therefore, to pep up things I make a call and make way for my gift for him. Recording and transferring of his favorite cricket that too with a Dolby digital surrounds sound and high definition resolution to my Android phone worked wonders.  The smile on his face sufficed for a gift, which he had again forgotten as we drove to the restaurant where we had first met after our MATCH WAS FIXED! ;)

My vardaan (granted Wish) is disguise as the TATA SKY plus (TRANSFER) SET-TOP box which allows recording shows with the wi-fi and transferring them to any ios or Android mobile, this also happens to allow live streaming of content. The data transferred is of a high resolution allowing viewing in bigger screens too. The best part is that two devices can register on a single subscriber id. 

Tata Sky wifi set top box
By the way, it turned out more than that as we later saw that it allows 500GB hard disk space with the TV mode that can be rewind, forward, paused and in case the story is dragging it allows to skip portions; also, live video streaming on Android and ios via WiFi is possible.

For once the things in the household are about to change as it would no longer matter as to who has the hold on the remote with all members getting an equal chance to view their favorite shows and fulfil their entertainment needs with this new TATA SKY plus (TRANSFER) SET-Top box with built in WI-Fi feature.

Other features on the go are

3D Ready

Tata Sky+ Transfer box is 3D ready so you can enjoy a complete 3D experience with your 3D TV when 3D content becomes available.

Series Recorder

With Series Link feature, your Tata Sky+ Transfer can record all episodes of your favorite TV series, and skip the repeats.


 Bring out the singer in you with Karaoke on Tata Sky+ Transfer. Service features original Bollywood videos, along with lyrics, cues and a ‘Score’ mode.

Record from
Mobile & internet
Now record your favorite shows on the go. Use your Internet Recording feature on or download the Tata Sky Mobile App from App store on your IOS devices.

Click on the video to meet the Transferkars and don't forget to visit the link under this video.

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*Image Source is Tata Sky Site

This promotional post is written for the Tata Sky plus Transfer. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or the situation created is purely coincidental.

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