September 23, 2015


The first kindergarten was established by Froebel in Bad Blankenburg, Germany in 1837. He renamed his Play and Activity Institute to a ‘kindergarten’ two years later in 1840; a term coined by him.

Kinder means "children" and ‘Garten’ means “garden" in German. It was set up with the aim of providing the toddlers an exposure to the various facets of life like music, motor skill development, drawing, nature etc.

The first one in England was established 1850 by Johannes Ronge, German Catholic priest; in America, 1868, by Elizabeth Peabody of Boston, Mass.

Whereas it is taken into English untranslated, the other nations that borrowed the institution nativized the name (Danish börnehave, Modern Hebrew gan yeladim, literally "garden of children").

The present day Kindergartens are a ripened fruit of the efforts of the ideas and practices of Robert Owen in Britain, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi in Switzerland and his pupil Friedrich Froebel (who coined the term) in Germany, and Maria Montessori in Italy. The approach today is no different from what was initially started, however; with technology and the internet, the exposure gained by children is more.

In India we have Balwadi’s that are either run by the government or the NGO’s that aim to provide early childhood care and education to children coming from poor sections of society. This aims to bring these children to the level average child who join the primary school.  


  1. KG... your post took me to those days. Interesting to know of its origin and development>
    Great take on K.
    Happy ABCW!
    My new blog address:

    1. Yes, KG. Life was colourful and full of rhymes. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Our kindergartens now are a follow up to "pre-school", where kids learn what they used to be exposed to in Kindergarten.

    1. great to know that. Here the pre school and kindergarten come under the same roof with the term used interchangibly! :)

  3. My kids never went to it but there is a need for them, for good and safe places ....
    Love your choice for this week.

    Have a nice abc-week / day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫

    1. Thanks, Melody. It was not that popular while I was a toddler though I went to one. Now they have flourished like mushrooms as parents are busier than ever. Demand of the century with time deprived society.

  4. a children's garden - lovely image


  5. Interesting the concept was thought of so long ago.

    1. Yes, and we think we are building the better society... Things repeat only we are unaware...


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