September 3, 2015

Start Fresh for a Refreshing Day

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a fresh start. There are things that I have gradually imbibed in my routine to have a smooth sail, a few of them I share with you. I am also trying to inculcate some habits in little ‘P’ so that it becomes a habit for him and not something he has to be reminded about.

Prepare the things for the next day before hand so that the early morning chaos does not interfere with the functioning of a daily routine.

Eat a light dinner and a take ample sleep to wake up fresh and lively.

Avoid going to bed with a heavy heart. Sometimes when things are borderline I sleep listening to music or else pick a book to read so that I doze off without taxing my nerves. Choose your distraction.

What are some of your best tips for getting your day off to a good start?


  1. I actually follow some of those suggestions, especially the one about organizing your thoughts for the next day....I'm such a planner!

    1. Good to learn that little detail about you. Now, I know whom to consult if I ever need help!

  2. I plan a lot to lead a healthy life... but it ends in disappointment... kudos to you.. :)

    1. Aww! Abhishek, things are never so correct in reality as there is no perfect condition. As for you I believe we will have a post from you soon as to how well you manage your time! :)


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