September 1, 2015

Starting School

As for me, the school was never a disturbing element in my life. I was happy waking up in the morning and getting ready for school, so my parents have informed me. However, things are different now, as I have palpitations with each new session. No, I am no longer a student but worse, a mother of a school-going toddler.

He too is fine with the idea of school (probably has my genes) but then the chaos of reshuffling the timetable after a gap of holidays takes up the best of me. As it is that little ‘P’ is too young to look after the books and manage time so mamma has to adjust herself through his eyes.

I am often wondering how my mother ever managed it with two children with her own job. One thing is for sure marriage and offspring(s) made me realize the worth of my mom especially when things were more stringent at the home front unlike now.

Still learning the nitty gritty of a mom, I hope I adjust as quickly to the new school session of my kid as I did with mine.


  1. Surely u will do the best.....

  2. I understand, it is not easy.

    1. I trust you as I see the two lovely faces on your profile pic!


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