October 5, 2015

October sky

Sad, but I could not keep pace with the last month blog posting. As the month of October has started, I promised myself to keep alive the posts and bring back into momentum my visits to fellow bloggers write-ups.

October is special as it etches another year of ‘We’. Especially this October it seems breezier and the rains are adding an extra charm and effect after an almost dry monsoon. Everyone thought that the coming months would end up in dry spells but then the rains came to the rescue. Love those clouds and the rains.

By the way, it just happened to cross my mind that maybe hugs are as important to humans as the clouds. You see we have cut down the trees and the hills so the clouds do not get entrapped (read embraced) and literally wander off, as is the case with humans. A stressed life comes to peace while the eyes shed those dewdrops while in the embrace of a close one.

Fingers crossed, head held high I promise I will try to stop by!


  1. Lovely thoughts to share.

  2. thank you dear!

  3. the last few lines are so beautiful. Loved your perspective on hugs :)

  4. Sweet crisp short read. :)

  5. It's hard when life gets in the way of intention, though also a good thing to sometimes have plans go awry.


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