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December 31, 2015

Adieu 2015

The year 2015

Dear me, it is already thirty-first of December and you will be a part of the past from tomorrow. It was a fine journey as I flipped through the calendar month after month. As a resolution, I had planned to be regular with my writing dates and to an extent, it turned out quite fine actually above my expectations so I am somewhat happy.

Though the pace of life was steady in the beginning then somewhere I lost the grip and you seemed to have found wings around the second half of the year. On the personal front, I have to learn more and experiment less but then this year I hope to be even with your successor.

As you are well, aware resolutions are not a part of me so I plan to work upon things as and when they come and plan according to the needs. As I mentioned before about that grip thing I intend to be lighter about myself and let myself flow with the time when things get harder.

As for you, I may not have been up to mark at times but I assure that I tried to be me and always tried to be even with you always. Things may not have been rosy but it was an interesting year altogether.It would be a lie if a say I will miss you but then it was interesting to be a part of you.


What do you feel at the moment as you ready yourself to say goodbye to 2015?

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