December 3, 2015

Relative Reality

So, what is the in thing these days?

Trending things you know.

It seems everything that comes on prime time is supposedly called breaking news (even if it talks about lingerie or a pet food).

How do we know if what is observant through the media is actually the talk amongst the masses or just a pastime among the classes?

I saw this advertisement where they are wishfully suggesting paying each other through the app. Well, you see that is the wishful part of it all, as the majority of the population who are daily wagers have a ‘chaloo khaata’ with the grocer or else earn and eat. So are we actually moving ahead for the masses or…? I hope I am a bit clearer.

We cannot measure progress with a certain section of society. It is not about “you’ or “me” it is a cumulative effect of “We”. Few of those who have studied chemistry will remember, “The rate of a reaction is determined by the slowest step”

However, I had no intention to write this stuff but it just flowed through taking me off the path so will probably see next time as to what is trending!


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