January 21, 2016

Bound by Love

She remembered nothing except for a trip down to her hometown some fifty years back; a trip that changed her life forever as it was here that she fell madly in love with him.

Since their marriage until a month ago every day around midnight, she would play the same piece of music on that piano much to the annoyance of the neighbours.

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Fields

Little did the world know how she kept her man to herself by not letting him turn into a nocturnal monster out in the human world that sees anything not fit for it as a bad omen.

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  1. The world can be cruel and sometimes we need do what we must to survive it

    1. Yes, The kit to survival is indeed in our own hands.

  2. What happened a month ago?
    Wil, ABCW Team
    Thanks for asking about my health! The plaster on my wrist was taken off and little by little I can use my hand better. The wound on my leg is healing very slowly, but it is
    getting better anyway.

    1. So glad you are recovering. Hope to see lots of your posts.


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