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March 8, 2016

WO(MEN) #womensday

"Mera naam Karega Roshan"

People of  the world who think that a son is the ultimate achievements of the world  it is time to realize that apart from carrying forward your surname your son does nothing extra that a girl can. Yes, there are limitations set for the girls as she leaves her childhood home to call someone else’s house her own but then that is not God made. She too can carry forward the name of her parental family if she keeps it but then it is unacceptable to the society. However, it is not adverse to the general climate of the world. As you can see that, global warming is already existent and the tsunami has swept several shores already.

 God-fearing beings do not hesitate a moment before aborting the fetus in the womb.  Which scripture has allowed it? No Praying, holy water or a holy trip can wash away the sin committed by this sort of a murder. Every six months people fast for the goddess and when one visits them, they choke her even before she enters our world.

A girl child who progresses in life is as much a pride for her parents as a boy. No one is superior to the other. Both the genders are equally required to maintain a balance on the earth. Due to the obsolete thinking and over the board pampering to the male child the men are from the beginning made to believe that the world belongs to men and the women are dependent on them.

We should teach our boys to be compassionate to the woman in general. It is not a man thing to treat women badly. Women may be weak physically but emotionally they are more sound and balanced. .

This is a vicious circle where some people think the world is cruel and it would be tough to raise a girl child in such a brutal environment. Well good thought, however, that does not give a license to anyone to take the right to live. Even more, a reason to teach the men to initiate the creation of a sociable environment for all women folks. Moral policing should be more in this direction.

The world will be more secure and lively if we teach our children to respect each other for who they are and not the strength they possess.


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  1. Excellent post! Thank you! I absolutely agree with you!
    Wil.ABCW Team


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