April 9, 2016


 “Her friend’s parents helped their children, making life easy and here except for the words of guidance and a rare helping hand she was left to her fate,” she thought.

She never realized why her parents insisted her on doing her own work until one day when a letter arrived and changed her life.

“Dear Daughter,

You are the blossom in the garden of our lives. We knew what our little flower needed for a full blossom so like a good gardener prevented our self from over watering the roots or overindulging with worldly things while you were growing up.

Today when we see you accomplish your goals and set an example for others, we feel proud to be your parents. Like your mother says” In the end, a good harvest pays for all the labor and sweat.

We loved you always and will do so forever.

Momma and Dadda

Children often misunderstand parents' viewpoint, it is natural and normal. As we move on in life we realize the importance of such acts. Have you gone through such times?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is H.


  1. It is certainly helpful to your children not to do everything for them...

  2. It's like the difference between a hand up and a handout.


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