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April 12, 2016


They said it was due to her previous birth sins that Anita had no one to carry forward the family name. His family pointed fingers at her maternal instincts. Her side poured pity over the destiny, confused over the main culprit.

He stood by her sharing the pain and void. They planned to adopt a daughter.

The world again raised eyebrows and the kith and kin paid little if any attention to the little one, as she was not their blood.

However, the new parents felt only love and happiness after the arrival of the apple of their eyes.

Live is more than a set of rules and duties; it is about compassion and living. Even non-living things exist, learn to live!!

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is J.

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  1. The child is worth the wait, even if the family is like that.


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