April 13, 2016


As she sat beside her Dude, she realized everything happened for a reason. They had met a long ago but the memory was still fresh.

“While she stood by the road looking left and then right before crossing it she heard a whimpering sound.

The vehicular noise made it tough for her to decipher its origin, however; she traced her steps back in the direction of the sound as her heart whispered its opinion.

A rough girl with few friends she laughed at her discovery – this was a pup trapped in the bushes. She rescued it that day and he still stood by her.”
Good deeds do not need an audience or a pat on the back. They give pleasure to the soul that winning a competition cannot give. Don't you think so?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is K.


  1. Rescues are the best!

  2. Anonymous04:34

    Great story! Yea for kindness and rescues!

  3. It is a fabulous way to gain a great friend!


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