April 18, 2016

Old Connections #AtoZChallenge

The chaos in the street confirmed it was the beginning of a weekday.

Two people collided in the ally; angry eyes locked with each other freezing the moment; arms moved towards the other to thaw the chilly intentions.

Meeting after a decade, the old friends embraced each other.

True friendship never fades away.

Have you had such an encounter with an old pal ? Are you still in touch with your friends?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  O.


  1. Well done! A nice twist to the story.

  2. Anonymous19:43

    What a nice sentiment!Annie from ~McGuffy's Reader~

  3. I do keep in touch with old friends, and Facebook has made that somewhat easier. I still like to pick up the phone and call.

  4. frieds, the true ones, are rare... but if you have them, you are rich bejond grasp.

    Welcome back! have a nice day


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