April 28, 2016

XL excelled

As a kid, she could never understand why people treated her differently , however; growing up taught her, that life is more about the appearance than about the heart or soul so she hid herself in her house. She even completed her studies as a private student.

She had few friends and a few like her succumbed to the pressures of the society but she chose to stand up against the general perception and today she proved her point as a successful entrepreneur. Everyone who had run away from her wanted to share the limelight with her.

“Had I tumbled over the pricks that were scattered around me I would never have reached this point? M, L, XL, XXL does not matter in the end if you live a happy life and excel in the school of life,” she thought.

Body Shaming is the work of idle minds with a destructive outlook towards life.

A person is beyond the physical attribute visible to the human eyes. It is a pity that we seek superiority in shaming other people without realising we, ourselves are too shallow.

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  X.


  1. It's a joyful thing to see people succeed despite what others try to do to them.

  2. Anonymous08:25

    I like this well written little "X" story. Nicely done.


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