July 14, 2016

A Reintroduction

 Everyone was with her except herself...

She did not know how she had reached here. Over the years, she never realized the distance she had traveled both in terms of time and in terms of space. It suddenly struck her; it had been 60 years since she had come on earth, around 35 years as an employee, 30 years as a mother, and 31 as a wife. Years as numbers never disturbed her. Today it was different. She was going to retire today.

Her stomach had butterflies as had been there 35 years back; the day she had joined the school. In keeping with the pace of life, so many things had taken a backseat. Well-known in the social circuits she had so many things up her sleeves. Still, she was feeling lonely inside. Something was amiss. As if, someone left behind in this journey of life.
Getting late was not her way of life. Therefore, she kept her thoughts aside and got ready for her farewell party. Her son was going to drop her to school and her husband would pick her up. Ideally, she should have been happy for this was a rare event. Yet, something did not feel right. Reaching school, she had pangs of nostalgia already swelling up her chest.

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She received a grand welcome. Emotions were at high. The party she attended was different from the ones she had attended before. The respect and love she was receiving overwhelmed her, still, she was lost. Then, the moment of realization came. A projector was set up.  It showed her colleagues sharing their experience with her and sending wishes. Finally, it captured her journey through the years. 

She saw something. Tears came down her cheeks. She made a quick visit to her past. Recalling events buried deep within her. She had seen herself. She realized what she was missing. She had left behind herself in this journey. She was not anywhere near the person who had started the journey. She had been best in all her relationships. The one place she had failed was with her. Now that the chaos had somewhat settled, she subconsciously had started to miss herself.

The realization had dawned on her late. Still, she promised herself to work upon herself and be the person she actually was. She would do all things that she had left midway or had not seen the sun due to other commitments.

Today was a great day for her. Today she had a reintroduction with herself.

How often do you get the time to think about yourself and do something that pleases your heart. The time manages you or can you handle the time?

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  1. I love how although the woman finds herself changed, there is so much positivity and hope in it. Well done!

  2. I always say and strongly believe- Life should not direct us ,rather we should direct Life. Before last year- I was just piling up my dreams for the future but then, I started ticking off the list and its so satisfying.

  3. I find that I often think about who I am, and what I want to do. :-) And I do it too, no time like now and all that. If I can't do it now for some reason, I keep a note of it, so I can remember later.

  4. Liked your narration....Every milestone achieved reintroduces you to yourself.....


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