July 12, 2016

Beaten by the Weather and...

Matters of the heart are tough and those of the mind toughest.
This sad story of the ailing body may not go down well with some so kindly take responsibility of reading the rest.

I belong to the few who have active senses but are passive in reacting for the fear of losing ground.

I have digestion problem. I have a problem digesting the weird thoughts and norms that are biased. I understand they are the prognosis we give for the ever-increasing eve teasing and filthy activities but then the prognosis needs changes. The social doctors need to think of better ways like educating their children about respect and virtues that will help them survive guiltless rather than give them doses of morality every time someone gives a sacrifice.

My eyes are still adapting to the world. Well, if you attribute it to the fact that I am bespectacled and have not so normal vision you are near but most often I wish to visit an ophthalmologist every time I see an adult ape the younger generation just to appear cool. Well, there are people who carry themselves well and I fully respect them; actually, look up to them, however, I am old fashioned when changes happen just to please others. I do not belong to the generation” Yo!” but am happy in my skin rather than making myself available for free mockery.

More than what I just shared I have this frequent urge to visit an ENT, as I do not understand the reasons for doing some work just because “that is how it is supposed to be.” Maybe my ears are not functioning properly.  What kind of reason is that?

My ailing little nose is the only sense organ that works splendid! Every time there is a change of season, my nose like a loyal pet it foretells before the metrological department takes on duty. I have these bouts of sneezing that shake me from head to toe, holds-up my nerves making fragrances appear like fantasies. What would have I done with all the above problems had the nose not been there to take my mind off the conditions I suffer. Please bear for a while as I send my nose a flying kiss! Muah!

Now you may call it the womanly instinct but I give all the credit to my Sherlock Nose.  Who knows it results in opening the sixth sense to help me know if something fishy is cooking!

Do you have any such allergy or resistance towards societal norms too? I am all ears...

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  1. Most of us suffer from some or other allergy, Ira, thanks to the horrid times we live in! Wondering if these times will ever change and we will get back our good health. :)

  2. Haha, the kind of ailments we can have today! I'm allergic to many of the society's viewpoints, the rights and wrongs according to them. I believe most of us are. And sometimes we all do have your same digestion problem!

  3. Nice way of putting across the maladies of our society!

  4. When i was a child, i had terrible allergies. Now i'm just allergic to nasty people!

  5. I have seasonal allergies... have to keep a spray with me. Apart from that the violence in the world makes me sick... exhausted and helpless.

  6. At least you have Sherlock Nose....:)


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