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July 11, 2016

Foot Prints

Living life with all its flavours makes it worthy. Only those who stand up against the tide to face the realities of life, come through enjoying it. No effort goes waste, just that the timing of the outcome may be greater than our endurance. It is alright if you are alone, however ,you should not be lonely for that means you have even lost touch with yourself.

Green grass both sides
Rising sun
Path still lonely.

While I look behind
My steps 
Keep following me.

Just when I think - 
The road 
Takes a turn.

I still tread on
With belief
Staying strong
Until I am gone.

 Linking to Write tribe festival of Words#5


  1. A strong message- Its not good to be lonely, if alone.

  2. Sometimes we journey alone, sometimes in company.

  3. beautiful beautiful beautiful......every word of your poem touched me to the core....simple and inspiring....!

  4. Beautiful words, motivating and very real, like life!

  5. Lovely poem. Loved the flow of words and the strain of thoughts...let the road lead you on!

  6. Beautiful words. and was that not motivational ? Yes, it was :)


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