July 13, 2016

It's Time to Break the Cocoon...

Now that I have sat pondering over the stats of my blog I realise that we are as good as the liaison we do over the internet. However as the introvert, as I am, even the family members are spared the pain of reading the blog posts. Well, actually, the near  and dear ones have no idea that I even own a blog.

Wow! own sounds so great especially after a sabbatical that seems to be never ending! I do have something to my credit apart from the homework and the home ka work. (It is another thing that I have maintained office routine and and take each work as an assignment).

Coming back to the blog;  the little blog is often left unattended whenever the household is in the turbulent state (read functions, guests and travelling) as it is presumed that the Tip-tip on the keyboard is only for chatting or reading lifestyle article ( not entirely wrong but nowhere near truth either.

I dearly love this space and feel relaxed after spending some time either staring at the white screen or reading opinions ad words of other people. I really do not know if I actually wish to make it my bread and butter but I like it here. Sometimes I wish to link my profiles so I have my offline jaan pehchaan visit my site but then it is tough.

So while it may take few more years to come out of the cocoon and spread my wings I will have to be satisfied with all the little peaks that come over the span of this journey. With whatever little energy that is left by the end of the day or the little time, I get to leave the comments on other bloggers post, I can say I am moving ahead even if the pace is slow.

Share your story how you broke away the inhibition and rose ? 

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  1. As long as you are moving ahead, I think the pace does not matter. Only three of my friends knew about my blog initially, I was afraid of being judged and didn't want anyone else to know. It took a whole year for me to go public with it. Now I introduce myself as a blogger wherever possible. It feels good. :)

  2. A butterfly takes time to come out of the cocoon. The struggle is important for it to survive....So is it for most of us....:)

  3. Beautiful post Ira!! The struggle keeps us moving forward! :)

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  5. Hi Ira! On monday a brave woman and member of our church was buried. She had been fighting cancer for t hirteen years and realised that we are never capable to find our whole selves There is so much more in our souls, minds, which cannot be developed because our bodies are imperfect. My soul is a prisoner of my body. We have to go byond our physical abilities to understand our minds .and to reach the stars..
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. We all start as babies and then ...?


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